Phimosis with CO2 laser

CO₂ laser is an innovative high-precision instrument used to perform painless surgery. It cuts and cauterises the tissues with precision at the same time, thus guaranteeing rapid healing and recovery. 

Phimosis is a problem that only affects men and is caused by a narrow opening of the foreskin, which cannot be pulled back partially or totally past the glans. Although it is not popularly believed to be a serious condition, great care should be taken with it, since if it goes untreated and proper hygiene measures are not applied it could even lead to penile cancer. Phimosis can involve symptoms such as:

  • Problems with urinating.
  • Painful sexual intercourse.
  • Infections such as balanitis (glans infection).
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Urinary retention.
  • The appearance of paraphimosis.

There are two types of phimosis:

  • Congenital phimosis is the most frequent cause of phimosis and occurs mainly in small children, although it can also appear in adults at the beginning of sexual activity, for example. It can be solved naturally with the growth of the child.
  • Acquired phimosis occurs mainly in adults and the main cause is a recurring infection of the genital area. It is normally caused by balanoposthitis (infection of the glans and foreskin). It normally requires surgery.

The treatment of phimosis with CO2 laser is performed when the phimosis does not remit alone and if deemed convenient by the specialist physician.

Phimosis with CO2 laser is a completely painless outpatient operation performed under local anaesthesia and consists of removing the excess skin from the foreskin so that the penis can emerge.

CO2 laser has heralded a major technological breakthrough in the treatment of phimosis since it allows the condition to be treated very precisely, with few risks and with a short recovery time. CO2 laser performs very precise incisions and cauterises the dissected tissue, thus reducing the risk of bleeding, bruising and inflammation. Since the tissues are cauterised, healing is much faster and less troublesome than conventional surgery. It also delivers a more aesthetic finish to the area thanks to the high-precision cutting.

The treatment is provided on an outpatient basis and is totally painless, since it is performed under local anaesthesia or conscious sedation, meaning that the patient will feel no pain whatsoever during the operation.


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Down payment: €30 (*the down payment will be subtracted from the final cost)

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  • Informative appointment.
  • Phimosis with CO2 laser.
  • All the subsequent follow-up appointments.
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  • Financing can be arranged.

Not included

  • Hypothetical complications of the surgery.
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  • You will receive an email with all the details of the reservation and you can make an appointment either by calling the centre or else via WhatsApp.
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  • After your appointment with the doctor, you can ask all the questions you want and you are free to decide whether or not you wish to go ahead with the treatment.
    (IMPORTANT: the down payment that you made on making your reservation will be deducted from the final cost of the treatment).
  • If for medical reasons you were unable to undergo the treatment, the amount of the down payment will be regarded as payment of the appointment with the doctor and you will not be charged any additional amount.
  • If the specialist considers that you are suitable for the treatment but for reasons beyond the control of Centro Médico Albar you decide not to go ahead with it, the down payment will not be returned to you.
  • You can schedule the date on which you will have the treatment to suit your needs.
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  • Payment will be made by means of credit/debit card online through the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA).

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